The Future of Techonology at Artprize

"White Forest Project" by Oriano Galloni

“White Forest Project” by Oriano Galloni (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

In my previous post, I mentioned a technological element I would like to see incorporated into Artprize, which are QR codes in lieu of voting cards. I also mentioned that an effort on Artprize’s part to increase awareness of the usefulness and effectiveness of the Artprize app is important. Barring those two suggestions, I think that artists should take a cue from other artists and show the viewer their art process; Accessible video stories should be added; Interactivity should be an overarching idea, as the downtown area should become more digitally interactive itself; And augmented reality should be incorporated into the app.

"Lord of Desire and Elements" by Oleg Kedria (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

“Lord of Desire and Elements” by Oleg Kedria (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

Integrating Art and Technology

People like to watch how art is created. Most people do not have fine, visually artistic skills and enjoy watching others creating art manually. Since art is not always inherently shareable, that is, is not always created by a virtual medium, I think that involving the viewers in the physical process through video would prove rewarding. Since the millennial generation is becoming old enough to properly appreciate art and expects transparency from businesses (Bonetto, 2015), I cannot imagine that artistic transparency could prove anything other than beneficial to fine artists. I would like to see more artists sharing their process through digital means either beside their entries or through easily accessible web content in the coming years.

"The Desecration of Adam" by Dean Kugler (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

“The Desecration of Adam” by Dean Kugler (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

Accessible Video Stories

Sponsored Snapchat stories are being used by big names at the moment. Twenty-nine percent of adults aged 18-24 use Snapchat already (Duggan, 2013). I think it would be profitable for Artprize to create something similar on their website for the event or use Snapchat. Since Grand Rapids is full of college students and is beginning to bring in visitors from all over the globe, I think that creating video stories for the event would be great for business. Doing so could bring more awareness to the event and potentially the Artprize app.

"Free fall" by Ann Gildner (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

“Free fall” by Ann Gildner (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

Interacting with the Environment

Founders created a treasure hunt for Artprize where participants can win gift cards (Woods, 2015). I think their having done so is brilliant. People love to explore and interact with their environment virtually (and get free stuff), even if it’s just through Twitter. I think the overarching idea of virtually interacting with the environment would make users’ digital experience at Artprize more fun. Incorporating elements akin to global positioning systems and adding notifications in the app would enrich the Artprize experience. Users of the Artprize app could opt for notifications. When users are near certain areas, information regarding the location could pop up. There are so many possibilities with an implementation of this magnitude for businesses and artists, I would love to see something like this happen.

"Atlas Recycled" by Tom Tsuchiya (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

“Atlas Recycled” by Tom Tsuchiya (Photo by Jennifer Wallace)

Augmented Reality

The Artprize app currently has a simple interactive map that shows locations and events but does not take the frustration out of finding your way through Artprize. I think it would be great to incorporate augmented reality so that one could hold one’s phone up to view venues in real time instead of searching through the app and “heading left on this street.” Questions like “Is this a venue?” and “Do I have to pay to go inside?” could be answered immediately through a camera without having to filter through the Artprize app.

Overall, I am interested to see what new technological features Artprize 8 will bring.


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