The Struggle Is Real: Final Blog

It’s been quite the semester. Although I really enjoyed CAP105 this fall, I’m more than ready for a break. I don’t think I’d be wrong if I said that I’m not alone in that sentiment. That being said, here is my final project blog assignment. My group mates and I had the pleasure of walking around campus and getting glaring looks and attitude from students and faculty alike. It was a blast, the weather was beautiful, and the expectations for this blog are all things we covered in class. Imagine that!  It was a good time.

image (6)

(Checking in to Kirkhof via Facebook)


(2020 Information Desk Selfie)

We started our journey at Kirkhof. The young woman working the 2020 desk refused to take a selfie with us and made sure we knew it by rolling her eyes at us and being extremely rude. We didn’t let it get to us, though. We were all pretty excited about this assignment.


(“The Cook Carillon Tower,” right outside of the Kirkhof building)

Our first iconic site picture was at the clock tower. This clock tower is an icon because it is so tall, and it very loudly chimes regularly and can be heard throughout the entire campus. Unique saw one of her friends walking with headphones in. We eventually managed to get her attention and get this shot.


(“Wrecking Ball,” behind the Student Services building)

Next, we took a picture in front of the Wrecking Ball. This wrecking ball is an icon because of the viral pictures and video that got out that were set to Miley Cyrus’ song on the internet not too long ago. We got some poor chap to take this picture who had just gotten out of an exam. I think everyone’s eyes are at least half closed. No worries, though. The kid who took the picture seemed pretty upset. I hope his exam turned out better than he expected.


(“Little Mac Bridge,” connecting the north and south side class buildings on Allendale campus)

Then we went to the blue bridge. This bridge is an icon because many-a-student must traverse it. Especially in the winter. Students freak out on social media when they see other people walking underneath it, for some reason. An older lady took this photo, and I think she did a pretty good job considering she needed an explanation of how to take a picture on an iPhone.


(“Heaven and Earth,” by James Colver, in the courtyard area of campus)

After that, we went to the large white sculpture in the middle of campus. This statue is an icon because it can’t be missed. I heard a rumor that the top of the sculpture makes the GVSU logo at a certain time of day. I’m not sure if that’s true, though. A kind, upbeat student gladly took our picture for us. I have no qualms with this picture, either.


(William Shakespeare’s Likeness and I outside of Lake Superior)

Next, we sought out my favorite outdoor sculpture. This is me kissing William Shakespeare, my favorite statue on campus. I told him not to be scared and to just “let it happen.” I think he was glad to see me leave. William Shakespeare’s sculpture speaks to me, because I am a big fan of his plays. I also like the terrified look in his eyes.


(Hadouken. I knocked Jake’s shoes off, like I’m known to do.)

Next came our memes. Here are Hadouken, Quidditching, and Vadering respectively. I should have worn lighter shoes so that I could jump higher.


(Quidditching. My hair looks majestic.)


(Vadering. Though, I look more akin to Jabba the Hut with that tongue action)

Next, we completed our video of our favorite spots in the MIP library. I’m not really allergic to exercise, but I am allergic to staircases in large buildings– I just didn’t have enough time to elaborate on that.

Lastly, we created our logo in Photoshop and shared all of our information with each other. We ended with “see-you-laters” and “thank yous.” Everybody in my group was pretty cool, and we all had fun.

Team Logo REDO

(Our Name and Logo)

As far as the part of the assignment that is my own is concerned, here are the remaining parts:

  1. The infographic from the  GVSU Foundation Annual Report on Giving at GVSU is on pages 20-22. The endowment fund raises money for scholarships, projects, and programs at GVSU. 2015 was the most successful endowment year yet. I found it interesting that the foundation totaled $16.3 million dollars this year. That’s a whole lot of money.
    gvsu giving

    (GVSU Foundation Annual Giving Report)

    2. My favorite meme of all time is difficult to choose. I have loved so many memes for so many years. I guess the meme that makes me laugh the loudest is the Ay Girl Pokemon meme. It can be applied to anything nerdy. It makes me laugh because it reminds me of people I went to high school with that were extremely uncomfortable to be around. I have a tendency to be overly nice to people, and I have some geeky hobbies (or, at least I did before I was a mother). Conversations regarding anything nerdy with high school boys were always misconstrued by many a creepy guy as an interest in said guy or made me somehow easily attainable.

    ay girl

    (Ay Girl Link,

    Memes are important to the Internet and social culture because they help convey ideas, feelings, and familiar experiences that are not easily explained in words alone. They can also help one look at something in a new light, or help one feel like their experiences may not be abnormal or that they did not react in a situation unlike most other people.

Now that my CAP105 final is all typed up and out of the way, here is a GVSU holiday elf to brighten your spirits! He saw us stopping to let Jake pose at his favorite icon, the fountain, and ran as fast as he could to be in front of our camera phones. The rip in his stockings needs some clear nail polish, or we’re all going to be getting a little extra holiday cheer this year–if you know what I mean.

image (6)

(He was into it.)






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